Our Mission

mission statement

Desi is a Springfield, MO based startup focused on allowing College Greek chapters to seamlessly offer designated drivers to their members and peers. Our solution allows Fraternities and Sororities to create events, designate members of their chapter as sober drivers, and connect them with anyone who needs a ride via a mobile application. Founded by four college friends, Desi is driven to provide a long overdue solution to a problem that is detrimental to the safety & convenience of your Greek chapter.

Meet The Team

caden hentz

Caden Hentz

braden babgy

Braden Bagby

sean lynch

Sean Lynch

Jason Darr

Jason Darr

our beginning

Our Beginning

In 2016, Caden, Sean, and Jason began their freshman year of college at Missouri State University with strong entreprenurial spirits. Unfamiliar with his new college town, Caden was selected as a sober driver for his Fraternity. He recieved an overwhelming amount of phone calls and texts from people asking him to drive them. It was impossible to remember who he talked to, where to pick them up, or focus on the road. He knew there had to be a better way.

They soon started working on a concept that allowed University Greek chapters to seamlessly provide designated drivers. No phone, calls, texts, or remembering locations, Desi allows your Greek chapter to designate your members as sober drivers and easily connect them with anybody that needs a ride through our mobile app.

early development

Early Development

Being non-technical, Sean, Caden, and Jason needed to find a team that shared in their vision & entrepreneurial spirit. They first recruited a developer whom they met in high school. After a year of progress, their developer left the team to pursue a full-time career.

In March, 2019, Braden Bagby joined the Desi team. He met Caden during his sophomore year of college while pursuing his degree in computer science. Braden specializes in mobile app development and began further development of Desi.

three years of progress

3 Years of Progress, forgotten.

In August of 2019, Desi was ready for beta testing. Caden and Sean's Fraternity brothers were the first to try it out. After gaining critical feedback they realized that a large change in functionality had to be done to allow drivers to pick up more than one group at a time.

Due to poor planning during the early stages of development, implementing the change was not going to be an easy task. Committed to providing the best service possible, the team made the decision to scrap all existing progress of Desi and started over with a clean slate. This allowed them to take the knowledge they had gained to meticulously achitect a new platform.

looking forward

Looking Forward

January, 2020, more than 3 years after the idea for a designated driving platform was had, Desi began rolling out to Fraternities and Sororities across the country.

Proud to be the go-to platform for Greek chapters to provide designated driving services, Desi is being utilized for brotherhood & sisterhood events, socials, parties, outings, and ordinary nights of the week to keep your brothers, sisters, and peers safe.