Sean Lynch

Caden Hentz

Braden Bagby

Jason Darr

Pace Rides is a Springfield, MO based startup focused on allowing University Greek chapters to seamlessly offer designated drivers to their members & peers. Our solution allows Greek chapters to create events, designate members of their organization as drivers, and connect them with those who need a ride via a mobile application. Drivers can be added & removed with no effect to those who need a ride.

Founded by four college friends, Pace Rides is driven to provide a long overdue solution to a problem that is detrimental to the safety & convenience of your Greek chapter.

Our History

December, 2016
Springfield, MO

Pace Rides concept was created when Caden got done with a busy night of driving for his Fraternity brothers. He knew the process could be made more efficient. Sean turned the idea into digital photos the same night in his dorm room.

March, 2017
Rolla, MO

Development began after reaching out to a high school friend studying computer science. Pace Rides original Co-Founders were non-technical. This posed as the toughest obstacle to defeat. The team was thrilled to bring our first developer.

October, 2017
Springfield, MO

Pace Rides, LLC was formed and became an official company. Originally formed under the name, "DEDE", the name was later amended to Pace Rides after many iterations including Soober, Volta, and DEDE.

April, 2018
Springfield, MO

The first basic functionality test was conducted. 15 brothers from Sigma Pi Fraternity scattered throughout Springfield, MO to test functionality for the drivers and riders. This brought a lot of great feedback to Pace Rides

December, 2018
Springfield, MO

Our first developer leaves the team to pursue a full-time career. The team also recieved their first loan to fund legal fees and other expenses. A time that was full of highs and lows.

February, 2019
Springfield, MO

Our current developer, Braden, joins the team. Braden is a computer science major at Missouri State University who was introduced to Caden through a University organization. Braden worked tirelessly navigating new tasks to complete the development of Pace Rides.