What does Pace Rides do?

Pace Rides facilitates designated driving for Greek organizations by connecting volunteer drivers to their organizations membes and peers.

Who is Pace Rides for?

Pace Rides is made for Greek organizations. Our Co-Founders are all a part of greek life and recognize the problems facing them.

What are the benefits of using Pace Rides?

Pace Rides keeps members of your organization and peers safe and instills brotherhood/sisterhood within an organization.

Does Pace Rides provide drivers?

No, drivers are members of your organization who volunteer to provide safe rides for their brothers/sisters and peers. They are assigned by your organization administrators for each event.

How do I sign up for Pace Rides?

You can sign up by clicking "sign up" in the top right corner. You will only need to sign up once for your chapter to start using Pace Rides.

How much does Pace Rides cost?

Pace Rides is a yearly subscription service paid for by individual Greek chapters and then utilized by their members and peers. The cost is $300/year per chapter.