Take your Greek chapter from
good to great

It's more than just sober driving.
It's a commitment to safety while growing your chapter's bond from within.

Sober Driving with Desi

  • Create events
  • Request to drive
  • Accept ride requests

Sober Driving without Desi

  • Plan event
  • Gather driver's information
  • Share personal information
  • Answer phone calls
  • Reply to text messages
  • Remember riders
  • Memorize locations
  • Alert when arrived

The Benefits

Increase safety


Ensure your sober drivers are focused on what matters: driving.



Choose if your Greek chapter's name and driver information is shown

one event, all week

One Event, All Week

Add/remove designated drivers without creating a new event

play music

Reclaim the AUX

Listen to music freed from the interruptions of phone calls and texts

stand out

Stand Out

Show PNMs that your Greek chapter takes care of each other

instill values

Instill Values

Everybody does their part to put the team before themselves

no calls or texts

No Calls or Texts

No more nonstop phone calls. Accept riders at the tap of a button

stress free

Stress Free

Never have 10 people waiting on you. Accept rides at your own pace

increase efficiency


Fill your car with the ability to pickup groups that are close by